Our approach

In addition to attorneys, our team also includes KPMG’s financial, tax and accounting advisors with a specific field of specialisation who can answer the most complex and nuanced questions. This diverse skill set allows us to thoroughly analyse every aspect of a restructuring plan and avoid any surprises down the line.

For cross-border restructuring projects, we collaborate with KPMG advisors from all relevant countries and act as a centralised project manager and contact point for our clients. This approach ensures that we offer our clients comprehensive, cross-functional advice.

KPMG has a good teamwork and process flows. Also positive team spirit is great to acknowledge.

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Our experience and services

Our team helps clients analyse their existing group structures and develop strategic plans for restructuring through mergers, divisions, or other structural changes. For large, complex, and cross-border projects, we assemble an international team with extensive experience in legal, taxation, and financial matters. This synergy provides a comprehensive overview of all business aspects of the transaction plan.

We offer comprehensive project management services, including cross-border coordination where necessary, to ensure that business activities continue uninterrupted during the restructuring period, while saving time and costs by avoiding multiple advisors.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in even the most complex restructuring projects, and can advise on various matters, such as:

  • simplifying international and national group structures;
  • national and cross-border mergers, divisions and transformations;
  • transactions involving shares, stocks and assets (transfer of company);
  • non-monetary contributions (share swap) and other structural agreements;
  • financing and mezzanine financing, including negotiations and drafting of documents;
  • drafting shareholders’ agreements.


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