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The process leading to an acquisition transaction is complex and involves considering various factors that affect the transaction and its price at each stage. While legal analysis and contract drafting are important, they only represent a small portion of the entire process.

We provide comprehensive project management services in partnership with attorneys and transaction advisors, covering the entire M&A process from finding an investor or acquisition target to post-transaction activities. Our team of experts offers guidance and support at every stage, including strategic planning, financial and tax due diligence, negotiating deal terms, and closing the transaction.

For transactions with international components, we leverage the expertise of KPMG's international legal experts from our network to provide our clients with the necessary guidance and support.
Karin Kaup as the lead of M&A and Corporate team stands out for highly efficient, innovative and business oriented approach to client needs. She is a highly experienced professional, yet a lawyer that truly speaks business language and is devoted to solve the client’s problem at hand.

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As an entrepreneur, when planning to acquire a new business, you require a targeted legal, tax and financial audit. At KPMG, we offer a single team approach to ensure that all issues identified are assessed from a legal, taxation and financial perspective. Our audits will result in a comprehensive report that reflects all the risks associated with the transaction.

We assist clients in drafting comprehensive transaction documentation, assessing the risks associated with agreements, reviewing counterparty documentation, and negotiating the terms of the transaction.

Typical services we have offered our customers with respect to transaction advisory:

  • documentation related to the planning and preparation of an acquisition or sale transaction;
  • legal, tax and financial audits (LDD, TDD, FDD) of the object of the transaction;
  • drafting transaction documents;
  • modelling and documenting the price mechanisms of the object of the transaction;
  • assisting in the negotiations of the transaction;
  • assisting in negotiations concerning financing and drafting the required financing agreements.

We also provide support with post-closing activities:

  • planning and implementing the reorganisation of group structures;
  • drafting joint venture agreements and preparing related documents (e.g. shareholders’ agreements).


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