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Our team is not just made up of attorneys; we have a diverse range of professionals including immigration and tax advisors, payroll specialists, accountants, and employment law advisors from KPMG international offices. With this team, we offer comprehensive support for even the most complex employment law issues, such as those related to restructuring, cross-border employment relationships, and developing customised option plans for companies.

KPMG Law’s employment law team responds quickly and constructively to customers’ problems, taking the customer’s business interests as the basis when making a legal assessment. A team with extensive experience.

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Our experience and services

Our team provides comprehensive employment law advice to clients on a range of issues. We specialise in cross-border employment mobility, motivation packages, and option plans, as well as employment law issues related to restructuring.

Our team also offers ongoing support to HR departments and management, helping to identify potential employment law risks and opportunities and providing practical day-to-day advice when needed.

The lawyers at KPMG Law have extensive experience in resolving employment law issues, advising on matters, such as:

  • drafting employment contracts and authorisation agreements (including restrictions on competition, protection of business secrets, data protection);
  • drafting work organisation rules and other internal documents related to employment law;
  • general advice on employment law issues (e.g. working time, holidays, termination of employment contracts);
  • resolving issues related to the preparation, negotiation and implementation of option programmes, performance premium systems and company pension plans;
  • advising on employment law issues related to restructuring, including transfer of employees, restructuring or termination of employment relations;
  • issues related to collective agreements;
  • issues related to equal treatment and discrimination;
  • representation of clients in employment disputes.
Our extended team at KPMG provides comprehensive support to our clients on tax and immigration issues related to cross-border mobility; for example, we have provided the following services:

  • representing employees in applying for residence permits, identity documents and visas;
  • assistance with payroll accounting, filing declarations, registering employment and applying for necessary certificates;
  • communication and representation in disputes with the Social Insurance Board, the Tax and Customs Board;
  • tax appointments for employees arriving in or departing the country.
Through us, our clients have access to KPMG’s extensive international network of employment law services and tax advisors, which ensures that businesses without borders can operate smoothly.


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