Employment & Immigration

Who turn to us

We advise national and international companies, from small to medium enterprises to major corporations, in all areas of employment law: employment relationships, agreements, corporate policies and internal rules, negotiating, structur­ing, restructuring, documenting, terminating, dispute res­olution, day-to-day HR consulting and incentive schemes.

Our approach

In advising on strategy implementation, international work assignments, immigration issues and executive compensa­tion or pension plans, we consider all aspects of co-deter­mination and employment law. 

We are one of the best firms on the market to turn to for hands-on and practical advice in employment and immigra­tion matters in general, and for one-of-a-kind advising by teams tailored to the needs of companies facing the chal­lenges of a growing global workforce. 


Our services

  • Labour law 
  • HR consulting and incentive schemes 
  • Corporate policies and internal rules 
  • Immigration and residency law 
  • Corporate pension plans 
  • Conflict management, labour dispute resolution 

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Karin Kaup

Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Legal Services

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Kaia Kuusler

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law

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Marleen Kohl


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