Employment & Immigration

Who turn to us

We advise national and international companies, from small to medium enterprises to major corporations, in all areas of employment law from employment relationships, agreements, corporate policies and internal rules, negotiating, structuring, restructuring, documenting, terminating, dispute resolution, day-to-day HR consulting, and incentive schemes.

Our approach

We take into account the aspects of co-determination as well as the employment law issues when implementing strategic decisions, international employee assignments, immigration and advice on executive compensation as well as pension plans. 
We are one of the best firms on the market to turn to for hands-on and practical advice in employment and immigration matters in general, and for one of a kind advice in putting teams together to help global companies manage the demands of growing their global workforce. 

Karin Kaup

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Corporate, M&A and Employment & Immigration

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Kaia Kuusler

Associate, Attorney

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Marleen Kohl


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