Lawyers at KPMG Law Firm speak on the topic of data protection


Last Thursday, March 22, 2018, our lawyers Sirli-Kristi Käpa and Kärt Salumaa gave public lectures on the data protection issues in order to train data protection specialists and other interested parties about the Estonian legal framework for the personal data protection.

Sirli-Kristi Käpa stepped up at the Estonian Conference on Document Management at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia with the presentation entitled "New National Data Protection Act" and discussed the following topics:

• The legal framework for the personal data protection in Estonia
• What will be regulated by the new National Data Protection Act?
• The structure and the topic management of the National Data Protection Act 
• What will be the future of personal data protection?

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Kärt Salumaa stepped up at the TUT training course "Expert-level data protection specialist" and covered the following topics:

• Violation of the requirements of personal data protection: legal remedies, liability, penalties, fines
• Selection of recent issues and court decisions in the field of personal data protection

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