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Increased globalization, the rise of disruptive technologies, enhanced compliance regulations and tax authority scrutiny requires an integrated approach to legal services.

In today’s highly globalized markets, companies face a complex legal and regulatory environment that can exert a major impact on their day-to-day operations and future strategies. Corporations must work effectively within the boundaries of intricate local laws and tangled multilateral regulations that can complicate cross-border transactions.

In recent years, KPMG member firms have seen intensified regulatory scrutiny of mergers and acquisitions, escalating compliance demands on multinational organizations and an increase in legal considerations that affect the financial services, technology and other key sectors. We also see heightened demand for intellectual property protection, often in the media and high tech industries. Furthermore, there has been the emergence of new disruptive technologies that are changing the way traditional businesses need to respond to remain competitive. As governments around the world have begun looking for tax revenue to make up for budget deficits, local tax authorities have become more aggressive towards global multinationals — resulting in an increased need for transparency.

Due to these increased pressures, clients require experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to work shoulder-to-shoulder with them — informing decisions, providing support on major deals and efficiently settling disputes. In particular, they seek leading practices and innovative strategies to overcome legal challenges and achieve a local competitive advantage or successful entry into new markets.

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